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Cities Partnership

MLED mobilized elected officials and technical professional as volunteers from a number of Canadian partner municipalities. A peer-to-peer approach was used to build capacity in partner municipalities in Ukraine, in which practitioners from Canadian partner municipalities provided advice, training and best practices in supporting the strategic planning efforts to support LED. This took place through two mechanisms: (1) through missions of Canadian municipal practitioners from partner municipalities who traveled to Ukraine and participated in training workshops, intergovernmental forums and direct meetings with Ukrainian counterparts associated with capacity building efforts; and/or (2) through technical missions to Canada for Ukrainian officials who represented the interests of Ukrainian municipalities, national associations and stakeholders associated with the project.

The specific contributions made by the municipalities involved in the project was normally determined according to the needs of the project partners and in line with the activities designed in the annual work planning efforts.

It is important to note that Canadian municipalities that were selected to be part of the resource pool for the MLED, source, within its staff/council, the required experts who participate in the project on a volunteer basis under an official mandate from their council. This included either development assignments for staff members to Ukraine or the hosting of delegations from Ukraine.

Canadian partner municipalities:




Brandon;   Winkler; Virden; Winnipeg


Weyburn;   Moose Jaw; Regina


Edmonton;   Medicine Hat; Strathcona


London;   Regional Municipality of Durham

Nova   Scotia





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