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Demonstration Projects

One of MLED’s unique project efforts involved the facilitation and development of individual LED demonstration projects in selected partner cities. The objective of this initiative was to test via demonstration a variety of innovative models or methodologies to promote sustainable LED. It was intended that these demonstration projects will complement the priorities and programs set out in each partner city’s strategic economic plan which were also developed with support from the MLED project. The overall effort to introduce demonstration projects was include up front consultation and training from MLED; sharing of domestic and international lessons learned and best practices; support in identifying and confirming local partners in implementation; and financial support by way of direct contribution from the MLED project including assistance in identifying external investment.

The unique feature of this particular initiative is that it was directly engage a variety of Canadian municipal experts, who bring to the table a particular expertise in LED implementation together with successful experience in implementing selected demonstration projects to work in collaboration with their counterparts in Ukraine.

Progress Achieved

  • A list of LED Demonstration Models (Demo Projects) selected for implementation in Ukraine was compiled. All partner-cities have prepared applications for LED Demonstration Project support.
  • 20 Demo Projects were successfully implemented in MLED partner-cities of Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts. Ukrainian partner-cities have received financial support, which amounted to $ 736 542 to purchase equipment and materials, to hold trainings and receive consultations.
  • Recommendations on considering sustainability principles during the implementation of all Demo Projects were developed and applied.
  • Recommendations on considering gender equality issues during the implementation of the Demo Projects were developed and sent out to all MLED partner-cities.
  • The following activities have taken place in MLED partner-cities as part of Demo Project implementation:
    • Community marketing and branding initiatives were supported. The logos and brand books of Dnipropetrovsk, Kryvyi Rih and Pavlograd were developed. Marketing and Investment Strategies were developed in Dnipropetrovsk and Kryvyi Rih.
    • Tourism development activities within subregion “Rozdillya” were implemented. Sentimental, religious, and green tourism sites have been improved and new tourist routes developed in Zhydachiv. The festivals “Knyzhkova Toloka”, “Zhydachivski Chornobryvtsi”, “Rozdilski Kashtany”, “Veseli Kopachi”, “Kolyada” were organised in Mykolaiv, Zhydachiv and Novyi Rozdil. Training on the development of green tourism was conducted for the representatives of Mykolaiv and Zhydachiv. A tourist calendar and tourist maps of the city of Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv rayon and “Rozdillya” subregion were developed. Information booklets about “Rozdillya” tourist routes were also developed.
    • Initiatives, aiming to improve business environment and develop business infrastructure, were implemented. Novyi Rozdil Agency for Economic Development has resumed its operations. Consultancy services on entrepreneurship are being provided to business representatives at business support centers in Pershotravensk, Ternivka, and Nikopol. A business incubator, which caters for IT start-ups, was founded at Lviv City Institute. Since then, an IT project competition was organised and successful IT-entrepreneurs have held master-classes there.
    • Environment-related projects were implemented in the communities of Dnipropetrovsk oblast. A Comprehensive Municipal Program for Environmental Safety and Rehabilitation of
    • Nikopol for 2014-2017 was developed. Solid Waste Management Strategy was developed for “West Donbas” subregion.
    • Various events were implemented to support investment and innovation and develop Lviv’s innovative environment: Lviv Innovation Center was established; Lviv City Council representatives participated in Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in Amsterdam, where they communicated directly with top executives from leading global companies of business service sector (the database of potential investors expanded by 98 companies and 11 of them expressed specific interest in Lviv); an electronic catalogue of various industry sites located in Lviv and potentially attractive for investors was developed; a business climate study of such industries as information technology, garment industry, publishing and tourism was carried out.
    • “Investment Passport” of Dnipropetrovsk, electronic “Investor’s Guide” for Kryvyi Rih, and an “Investor’s Roadmap” for Pavlograd were developed. A training “Development of Investment Projects. Government Support and Incentives” was held for the representatives of Pershotravensk, Pavlograd and Nikopol. Novyi Rozdil Economic Development Agency has developed a set of investment proposals and is actively searching for investors.
    • The projects aimed at improving the work of Centers for Administrative Services in Kryvyi Rih and Chervonograd were implemented.



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