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Mykolaiv is a rayon center with the population of 14,800.

Cities of Mykolaiv, Novyi Rozdil, Zhydachiv are united in "Rozdillya Economic Cluster" within MLED Project. The cities are located in Lviv oblast in close vicinity from each other. 

The Memorandum on Cooperation within MLED Project and 3 cities was signed on December 23, 2010, in Lviv.

Mykolaiv web-site:

Economic overview of Rozdillya Economic Cluster:
The three cities have different industrial specialization: Zhydachiv – pulp and paper industry; Mykolaiv – production of construction materials; Novyi Rozdil – sulphur processing. 

The cities have chemical, food and light industry, machine building and metal processing, building materials and construction companies.

The three cities have common priority areas for local economic development: stimulating investments, small and medium-size business development and environment protection.


MLED Progress
All three cities finished first phase of the Strategic Planning supported by MLED Project and approved Strategic Plans for cities LED (December 9, 2011 – Novyi Rozdil, January 20, 2012 – Zhydachiv, Mykolaiv - February 24, 2012).

Currently cities work on design of the Sub-region Strategy on Economic Development (covering Zhydachiv, Mykolaiv, Novyi Rozdil and Zhydachiv and Mykolaiv regions) and develop joint Demo Projects models on shared tourist paths offered in the form of weekend tours, of arranging shared dumps for three municipalities or creating a mechanism of collection and disposal of solid waste.

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