MAINGender Equality

Gender Equality

Gender-egualityGender equality (GE) is a fundamental theme within the MLED Project. It implies equal participation of women and men in all programs and activities of the Project including those related to: local economic development (LED); building management through decentralization; strengthening interagency partnerships and dialogue; improving local government effectiveness; and strengthening the capacity of AUC to manage and deliver essential services.

GE does not exist as a "separate" initiative within the project but rather is integrated into all programs and strategic areas.

Within the MLED Project it is proposed that the broad effort to enhance and promote GE will be approached via:

  1. Awareness raising and capacity building within AUC, and amongst the AUC membership; within partner cities and amongst other project participants and other stakeholders;
  2. Providing advice on GE planning, programming and service provision;
  3. Confirming by example important issues of GE within MLED demonstration projects;
  4. Monitoring and reporting the results of GE within the context of the Project;
  5. Documenting and disseminating information on achievements in the work on GE issues and lessons learned.




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