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Kryvyi Rih marketing strategy

On July 29 Kryvyi Rih City Council has adopted a marketing strategy, which was developed within a demonstration project.

Marketing strategy – is an essential document needed for city development as well as an effective instrument used to create a solid investment climate and attract investment. General principles of marketing policy provide the basis for its implementation over two stages: positioning and promotion. Thus the strategy is divided into two focus areas: A. Positioning: "Wealthy, comfortable, healthy, green city" and B. Promotion (marketing communication): "The city, well-known to all". Two slogans will be used to promote Kryvyi Rih: "Lifelong city" for "internal" customers and "Cornucopia of your opportunities" for "external" customers. One of the key provisions of the strategy is positioning the city as a comfortable, green, healthy and wealthy, ready to welcome new residents, the city of stability, order, convenient living as well as unique opportunities for active and enterprising people. The image of the city will also be supported – showing the city, which is ready to work with domestic and foreign investors in a responsible and transparent manner, the city, which is open and welcoming, the city where excellent experiences are to be expected.

The city hopes that the implementation of the marketing strategy will attract domestic and foreign investment to city economy and facilitate the creation of a wide range of enterprises with high productivity and broad employment opportunities for local residents, which, in its turn, will contribute to city’s sustainable development. It is important to remember that a preliminary review of the document took place in May and the representatives of city departments put forward their suggestions and corrections. Public hearings were subsequently held, during which NGO members, the representatives of various authorities and entrepreneurs expressed their views on the document, as well as offered their vision for long-term development of Kryvyi Rih. As a result of all these meetings, a range of proposals and recommendations were included in the marketing strategy. Such an initiative can be rightfully considered groundbreaking for Kryvyi Rih and is fully justified, because no one knows more about the needs and challenges of the city better than the people who live in the area.

A full version of the marketing strategy can be found here. As stated in the document, it is a long-term city marketing project. The document contains the following chapters: I – Positioning (goals, project objectives, target image concept, city brand, unique city offer, target audience description); II – marketing communication or promotion (activities, methods of influence, marketing communication channels); III – organizational support for the project (resources, methods for coordination and implementation control, monitoring and effectiveness evaluation system).

When the Strategy was adopted, the demonstration project "Marketing Strategy of Kryvyi Rih and Its Implementation Instruments" drew to an end. Key project outputs include: city brand (logo in a shape of a horn and the slogan "Lifelong city"); 2 videos promoting Kryvyi Rih city brand and city’s investment opportunities; map of investment opportunities and investment passport; database of investment projects and land plots for potential investors; and a newly developed marketing strategy.

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