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Over 140 cities of Ukraine are submitting data to Automated System of Municipal Statistics

ASMS_logo_bigSince 2011 Automated System of Municipal Statistics (ASMS) was being developed within the MLED Project in partnership with the Association of Ukrainian Cities in order to provide local governments with a viable tool for community management based on data analysis of key areas of community life.
Over 300 users from approximately 140 cities of Ukraine and 4512 active entries were recorded during ASMS operation since March 2013.

ASMS allows storing municipal statistics data over a long period of time and carrying out appropriate comparisons within for one or more communities. In fact, during one year of operation the system has accumulated information from 63 cities of Ukraine with 2011 data as well as information from 83 cities with 2012 data. Currently the following areas of community life are described and included in ASMS (the indicators): population, its composition, income and employment; local budget (revenues and expenditures); economic development; utilities (water supply, sanitation, heating, landscaping (gardening, lighting, roads), solid waste management, housing maintenance; public transport; healthcare; education; social services; culture and art. Information for 2013 is being collected during July and August (start date is June 20, 2014).

Creating the system of municipal statistic indicators will also help to assess the quality of services provided by local authorities. The data will be used to lobby the interests of local communities and governments at the central government level.

ASMS web page is constantly updated: new users of the database are being registered and the activity by the registered users is being tracked. The "News" section is also being updated, the section "Questions and Answers," is filled with answers to most common questions submitted to the administrator, "User Activity" section provides information on internal statistics, whereas the sections "Recommendations for the Coordinator" and "Examples of ASMS Reports" are fully functional. Online user surveys have been launched dealing with the most used types of reports. ASMS is constantly improved and refined, taking into account the recommendations and comments, notifications of errors or omissions. From January to May 2014 software developer implemented previously developed improvement and modernization proposals for ASMS. Today this work has almost been completed: the metrics for the cities of oblast and rayon importance are being created; finishing touches are made to video instructions for coordinators and viewers, etc.

Local self-government authorities can join the system by submitting an appropriate request to AUC’s executive board. Participation of local communities in the ASMS is free of charge and allows access to an annual information summary about the community in various areas.

ASMS features and reports for 2011-2012 are available on AUC website in "Municipal Statistics" section:

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