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Meeting of AUC's Gender Equality Committee, September 10-11, Kyiv


A meeting of the Committee on Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men of the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC) took place on September, 10-11. The event was attended by the members of the Committee including city mayors, village chiefs, city councillors, MLED Project representatives, Canadian experts and guests – MLED Project expert on gender equality Beth Woroniuk, city councillor in TorontoPam McConnel, and Mayor of Weyburn Debra Button.

The event opened with a review of Committee’s activities over the last 3 years. The participants expressed their personal views on lessons learned, challenges and future opportunities. Pam McConnell spoke about FCM’s experience in strategic planning and in particular emphasized the importance of properly defined strategy, as well as goal achieving tactics aiming to increase the participation of women in municipal governance. A Strategy on Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men was developed in order to ensure equal participation of women and men in decision-making at the AUC and local governments.The role of the Committee in the implementation of the Strategy, its key achievements, challenges and opportunities, were discussed during the event.

Time and space was devoted to discuss the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life, which offers specific examples of what the local governments can do to improve gender equality. By signing this document, the representatives of local or regional authorities are publicly committing to support the principles of equality, to implement the policy of equality, to implementidentified measures in cooperation with various organizations within their communities. The participants discussed and agreed on recommendations (step-by-step action plan)for the cities wishing to sign the Charter. MLED Project expert on gender equality Beth Woroniukalso presented a film on gender mainstreaming in local life.

Gender_committee_sep2014_12On the next day of the event, the participants exchanged know-how and presented a variety of best practices to support women. As an experienced politician, Debra Button spoke about the role of women in modern politics and the challenges she faced on her way to political success. A part of the session was dedicated to strategic planning of priority activity areas of the Committee and the action plan for its next activity cycle. Committee’s structure, its strengths and weaknesses, measures to be taken to improve its operation (including the creation of subcommittees and assignment of duties), were also discussed.

The meeting concluded withthe participants agreeing on a Resolution, which includes provisions on supporting women who are standing for elections, collectinggender statistics in municipalities and much more.

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