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Rozdillya’s investment sites are on offer – have a look at an investment passport ‘Invest in Rozdillya’

In 2013, thanks to the MLED Project, "Novyi Rozdil Agency for Economic Development" (NRAED) recommenced its activities aiming to attract and support investors as well as implement economic development projects. Novyi Rozdil City Council allocated the office space, while the MLED Project funded the repairs of these premises and the purchase of necessary equipment. In 2014 NRAED branch offices opened in Zhydachiv and Mykolaiv. It is planned that they will support investment procedures, facilitate the development of local business and contribute to economic prosperity of Rozdillya subregion.

Recently NRAED has published a bilingual investment passport of the subregion – "Invest in Rozdillya". The publication includes a list of investment proposals from the cities of Mykolaiv, Novyi Rozdil and Zhydachiv. Each investment proposal specifies site location, its area, detailed description, form of ownership or use, designated purpose, communications available at the site, and investment conditions (lease or sale). The information is structured in such a way that the investor is able to see "the full picture" – transport connections, distance from the borders, agricultural land, forests, water resources, mineral resources, human resources. Investment proposals include land plots, available areas, and available industrial areas.

Investment passport will be distributed at investment forums and partnership fairs. Also, all the information will be posted on the newly created and soon to be launched website of the subregion. The website will include a database of investment sites – frequently updated and available for public use.
The agency operates a well-developed database of potential investors. Therefore, business development and investment opportunities of the subregion will be regularly passed on to potential investors. In September 2014 NRAED representatives will present investment potential of the region at the XXIV Economic and Investment Forum to be held in Poland.

Download investment passport ‘Invest in Rozdillya’  (Ukrainian version) 

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