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Opening of the Economic Development Agency in Pershotravensk


On September 29, 2014 a formal opening of the Economic Development Agency in Pershotravensk took place. The Agency was established by the initiative of private entrepreneurs of the city with support of the local government authorities and MLED Project.

The event was attended by the city administration, MLED Project and DTEK Company representatives, business people and residents of the city. The Mayor, Victor Rudykh, congratulated the attendees upon the outstanding event and expressed his hope that the Agency's activity would efficiently foster socio-economic development of the city. The Mayor also believes that the Agency will become a competent organization, a partner to the government, business and the community and that it will forward its activities to implementation of local and regional development strategy, filling up socio-economic niche between the government, businesses and representatives of municipal and regional communities.

"At last, what we have in Pershotravensk is a properly adjusted interaction among the government, businesses and the general public, which will serve to the benefit of the city and its residents. Setting up the Economic Development Agency will contribute not only to efficient implementation of the projects being financed by donor funds. In the Agency that we are now officially opening, training seminars for entrepreneurs and those willing to start up their own businesses will be held, legal advice and other services will be provided. I wish to the experts and service users fruitful cooperation and may success attend you in your efforts that will positively influence the quality of life of our residents", said Victor Rudykh.

The Mayor's congratulations were also complemented by MLED Project and DTEK Company representatives who expressed their confidence that thanks to the Economic Development Agency the Strategy of Pershotravensk for 2013-2015 and the Strategy for Social Partnership of DTEK Company would be implemented successfully and efficiently.

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