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Lviv IT Arena

lviv-it-arena-oct2014During three days, on October 2-4, 2014, the most expected IT Event – Conference Lviv IT Arena – was conducted at "Arena Lviv" stadium. The event has become the largest one in the history of such conferences to be ever held in Western Ukraine. Concept of the event covers a full cycle of software development, including an IT company’s development stages from start-up to a fully-fledged company.

Lviv IT Arena brought together local and foreign representatives of IT industry – around 800 IT experts including participants from the UK, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Russia and the USA took part in the event. The event opening ceremony was attended by Lviv Mayor, Andriy Sadovyi. He said: "Our aim is to rapidly develop IT and tourism clusters in Lviv without standing in the way of business, but with said priorities in mind. That is why Lviv Competitiveness Strategy, which is currently undergoing implementation, provides the IT sector demonstrating a 25% annual growth with the prospect for the future."

About 100 speakers from all over the world took the floor at 10 sections arranged so as to be of interest to both the CEOs of companies and project managers, testers and HR experts, as well as individuals willing to set up a business.

MLED Project contributed to establishing "Startup Depot" IT business incubator in Lviv, which, in its turn initiated the creation of the "Mentorship Programme" – a training project for young start-ups. The programme was delivered during September 2014. It lasted 70 hours and consisted of sessions, presentations, mentoring and individual tasks that helped the young start-up projects create a viable product. During Lviv IT Arena conference the best teams had an opportunity to represent their projects to the visitors, including investors willing to support innovative projects at their development stage.

Stepan Veselovskyi, Executive Director for IT and Business Services Cluster in Lviv, the lead organizer of the conference, said: "Lviv IT Arena conference was held for the first time, however we all strongly believe that this event would become a good annual tradition for Lviv. Indeed, it is the IT Arena that will allow us to introduce to the world another strong point of the city, the IT industry. Lviv is one of the major centres of the IT industry development in Ukraine and Lviv IT Arena conference goes to prove that."

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