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Interactive Investment Map of Ukraine presented

Investment_map_presentation_10oct2014_1On October 16, 2014, a presentation of unique Interactive Investment Map of Ukraine, which is an electronic representation of its regions’ investment potential, was conducted in Kyiv.

The conference hall of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry brought together representatives of Oblast State Administrations, central executive authorities, Embassy of Canada to Ukraine, local government authorities, regional centres for investment and development, international institutions and representative offices, trade missions, analytical centres and businesses. 

The Interactive Investment Map of Ukraine is a joint product of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine and the MLED Project, which was developed in two years. This map is the first map in Ukraine created to popularise the country across the world, shape the investment attractiveness of its regions and enhance the opportunities for investors to make themselves familiar with potential investments.

At the formal opening, participants were greeted by Kyrylo Bondar, First Deputy Head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, Roman Waschuk, Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Olena Podoleva, Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, and Oleksander Kucherenko, MLED Project Director.

Investment_map_presentation_10oct2014_6”Today we present a serious investment project – the first online map of Ukraine – a pioneering step for our country. This is not the first investment project of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine – we have extensive experience in creating investment products. In particular, we have a whole lot of materials about how, why and where to invest in Ukraine. Two years ago we started issuing Ukraine’s investment atlases and investment passports of all of its regions. And we have transformed all of these know-hows into an electronic map, which investors from across the globe can enjoy”, said Kyrylo Bondar.

Investment_map_presentation_10oct2014_3Roman Waschuk, Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, has emphasised, that the recent paradigm of economic development has fallen short of expectations, and that the new ground needs to be broken. ”The Online Investment Map, developed jointly by the Canadian and Ukrainian experts, will provide practical opportunities to increase the investment attractiveness of Ukraine, including at the local level. It can become a business card for Ukraine in the investment world of the 21st century.”

Olena Podolieva has noted that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine will assist the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine to the fullest degree, in particular by directing its own efforts to attracting investments to Ukraine. “I am grateful to my colleagues from Canada for their experience and attention. I hope that this project will enjoy rapid development”, she said.

Oleksander Kucherenko has added that the MLED Project and the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine enjoy a long-lasting cooperation. “In the course of our cooperation with the Agency we have made it our aim to develop two investment products, namely the interactive map and the concept of virtual investment missions to establish contacts among Ukrainian and foreign partners. This instrument is efficient at all levels: national, regional and local“, said the MLED Project Director. According to Oleksander Kucherenko, the task of the MLED Project in the course of the interactive investment map formation has been to shape it so that it provides a respective feedback. “During our work we focused on the international best practice, in particular the one of our colleagues from Canada”, he said.

Vasyl Fediuk, Head of the Investment Policy and Regional Development Department at the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, has provided strong arguments why the interactive investment map is the effective instrument to promote economic growth and attract investment. According to Vasyl Fediuk, under the new strategy of reforms up to 2020, by 2020 Ukraine is to rank among top 20 countries in the Ease of Doing Business Index, while the level of attracted direct foreign investments is to reach USD 40 billion.

Oleg Voytovych, LED expert at the MLED Project, spoke about the new opportunities to present municipal and regional potential. He pointed out that theoretically you have only 10 minutes to attract a potential investor. ”Developers of the interactive investment map have taken this standard as the basis in order to efficiently bring together online those who need investments and those who are willing to make them. The map contains the most essential investment proposals from all regions of the country. Such electronic maps are available, for instance, in Poland, Turkey and Romania”, added Oleg Voytovych.

A test version of Ukraine’s interactive investment map was presented to the participants. This version makes it possible to comprehensively assess the country’s investment potential, overview the available investment infrastructure, and get acquainted with the competitive edges of Ukrainian cities and regions. An electronic platform has been developed to navigate the map, which helps quickly sort and find a required investment. In addition, the map lists investment proposals of all Ukrainian regions. An investment proposal contains the location of a particular investment, its total area, detailed characteristics, form of ownership, its designated or functional use, available communications as well as investment attraction terms. Information is structured so as to allow an investor to get a complete picture of the object to invest in: availability of transport connections, distance to agricultural lands, forest areas, water resources, commercial mines, human resources, etc. Investment proposals include land plots, vacant and production spaces. In addition, the map contains the list of companies, interested in working with foreign investors and entering overseas markets.

Among other speakers were representatives of pilot regions, partners, business associations, public officials as well as Ukrainian and international experts including George Woods, a Canadian expert on attracting direct foreign investment, and Jerry Gabinet, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Strathcona Country, Alberta, Canada.

Until December 2014 the website of the interactive investment map of Ukraine will operate in a test mode, as the content will be added to the website. A trial version of the Map is availiable at

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