MAIN   INFO-CENTER   News ArchiveNational Conference 'Local Economic Development as the Basis for Sustainable and Prosperous Ukraine'. November 12-13, 2014, Kyiv

National Conference 'Local Economic Development as the Basis for Sustainable and Prosperous Ukraine'. November 12-13, 2014, Kyiv


On November 12-13, 2014 MLED Project held the National Conference "Local Economic Development as the Basis for Sustainable and Prosperous Ukraine" designed to summarize Project implementation results, collate LED experience and initiatives in partner oblasts and cities, present best practices achieved in the course of the Project’s implementation as well as address the issues of facilitating LED in Ukraine. The event was held in Kyiv and gathered over 150 attendees.

The conference brought together representative of the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine, central executive authorities, AUC, FCM and MLED Project’s partner cities.

MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_3The conference participants were greeted by Roger Anderson, FCM Board Member and Chair of the FCM Standing Committee on International Relations, Olena Nyzhnyk, Director, Department of Regional Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Roman Waschuk, Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Roman Kachur, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Sergiy Yevtushenko, Head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, Yuriy Vilkul, President of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, and Oleksander Skopych, Deputy Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service.

Volodymyr Peregudov, Deputy Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, gave a general overview of MLED Project implementation results in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Carol Kardish, MLED Program Director, FCM International, provided a general summary of the Project’s results, while Oleksander Kucherenko, MLED Project Director, presented MLED Project achievements in figures. After that participant were shown a film about the Project’s activities in the field of inter-municipal cooperation.

The "Knowledge Fair", which was held as part of the conference, presented thematic stands on 1) LED Strategic Planning, 2) City Marketing and Branding, 3) LED Environmental Balance, 4) Automated System for Municipal Statistics, 5) Entrepreneurship Development Support, 6) Inter-Municipal Cooperation, 7) Local Development Institutions, 8) Tourism Sector Development, and 9) Gender Equality in LED. Participants had an opportunity to get a detailed insight into these initiatives implementation practice and obtain advice from a consultant or representative of a city that cooperated with MLED Project within the framework of a particular initiative.

MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_21 MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_18 MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_16

The conference continued with panel discussions on "Modern Approaches in Planning and Implementing LED" and "Enabling Effective LED: Intergovernmental Cooperation and Municipal Sector Advocacy". The first panel discussion centred on strategic planning as an instrument to manage territorial community development. Igor Lepyoshkin, LED Expert, presented the Project best practices in this field, while representatives of partner cities spoke about their achievements. In particular, representative of Dnipropetrovsk spoke about the involvement of community in developing the first Dnipropetrovsk Strategic Development Plan; representative of Kryvyi Rih provided information on how implementation of the city’s development strategy was monitored and on the way how every city resident could take advantage of its implementation results; Volodymyr Levko, Mayor of Zhydachiv, shared the experience of how Rozdillya subregion economic development strategy facilitates the effective development of this small town today.

MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_30In addition, there was talk of international experience and practices of implementing various LED models and instruments in Ukraine. Representatives of the Project’s partner cities shared their experience of cooperation in the implementation of initiatives under "Demonstration Projects" sub-program. Representative of Pavlograd spoke about positive improvements of Western Donbas subregion and the role inter-municipal cooperation played in the establishment of the efficient solid waste management system. Director of Lviv City Institute reported on the innovative start-ups facilitation and support model as well as on the activities of the business incubator. Representative of Nikopol spoke about the ways to promote local entrepreneurship and clean environment.

Other panel discussion was dedicated to "Intergovernmental Cooperation and Municipal Sector Advocacy". Representatives of Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv Oblasts spoke about directions and instruments of the state and regional policies to support LED. Vasyl Fediuk, Head of the Investment Policy and Regional Development Department at the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, delivered a presentation on "Investments as the Driving Force Behind Local Economic Development". Volodymyr Vakulenko, Chairman of the Department of Regional Management, Local Governance and Urban Management at NAPA, presented innovative approaches to LED human resourcing. Myroslav Pittsyk, Executive Director of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, overviewed the results of AUC LED Strategy implementation, while Ludmyla Dromashko, Chairwomen of the AUC’s Committee on Ensuring Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men, emphasized that gender equality is crucial in ensuring effective LED and summarized the experience of implementation of local gender initiatives supported by MLED Project.

MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_35Speakers’ presentations were commented from Ukrainian and international experts, who cooperated with MLED Project in the course of its implementation, including Marina James, President and CEO, Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), Beth Woroniuk, MLED Gender Equality Specialist (Canada), Larysa Olenkovska and Vasyl Kashevskyi, MLED Project Advisers, Kent McMullin, Senior Business Strategist, Industrial Development and Economic Sustainability Department (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), Doug Hickman, MLED Environmental Sustainability Specialist (Canada), Grant Hopcroft, Director of Inter-Governmental and Community Liaison, Corporation of the City of London (Ontario, Canada), Ted Treller, MLED LED Specialist (Canada), Debra Button, Mayor of Weyburn (Saskatchewan, Canada).

MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_41The conference continued with the roundtable meeting moderated by Sebastien Hamel, Director of FCM International, and Oleksandr Kobzarev, Lviv City Institute Director. During the meeting Ukrainian and Canadian experts and Mayors discussed the pressing issues in facilitating economic development of Ukrainian territorial communities, namely what high-priority efforts need to be taken to set up an efficient LED support system amid decentralization of power and democratization of governance.

The second day of the Conference was dedicated to thematic sections which included presentation of experience and success stories. Thematic section "Creation of Attractive City Image" centred on marketing and branding as well as raising investment and tourism appeal with Dnipropetrovsk taken as an example. City marketing and branding were also presented in the context of Kryvyi Rih. In addition, participants were familiarized with the development of the city of Pavlograd brand.

Thematic section "Instruments for Creation of a Favourable Business Climate" centred on the experience in setting up and operating Local Development Agencies, Business Service Centres and Administrative Service Centres. Representatives of Nikopol, Ternivka, Pershotravensk, Novyi Rozdil and Chervonograd spoke about the activities of said agencies and centres in their cities. In addition, there was a discussion of business infrastructure development through the example of IT incubator in Lviv and virtual business-incubator in Kryvyi Rih.

MLED_final_conference_Nov2014_58Thematic section "Inter-Municipal Cooperation – Effective Instrument for LED Promotion" focused on the implementation of the Strategy for the Solid Waste Management in Western Donbas subregion as well as facilitation of tourism development and attraction of investment through the example of Rozdillya subregion. Work in thematic section was also assessed by the abovementioned experts, who provided their comments and recommendations.

The Conference was wrapped-up with the closing remarks from Tim Kehoe, Deputy CEO, FCM, and Myroslav Pittsyk, Executive Director, AUC.

As MLED Project is to be completed by December 2014, the conference became a kind of a summary of the five years of its operations and demonstrated the best examples of local economic development initiatives implemented by the Project’s partner cities and organizations. 

Federation of Canadian Municipalities is grateful to the Government of Canada for the trust and opportunity to implement the MLED Project, and share with Ukraine best practices in local governance, LED, attraction of investment in local economy, inter-agency dialogue, strategic planning, etc.

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