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Cities’ branding, investments attraction and business incubators - topics of the study tour to Canada, which took place on August 17-31, 2013

MLED Project organized study tour to Canada for three groups of partner cities’ representatives working on implementation of LED demonstration projects. For two weeks, from August 17 till August 31, 2013 partners from Dnipropetrovsk, Kryvyi Rih and Lviv were traveling around Canadian cities learning best LED practices. Thus representatives from Dnipropetrovsk visited London (Ontario Province), and representatives from Kryvyi Rih visited Regina (Saskatchewan Province) to learn Canadian experience in implementation of marketing strategies, tools of city’s brand promotion and examples of investments attraction. Representatives from Lviv learned about functional and organizational peculiarities of operations of local economic development agencies and business incubators in Edmonton (Alberta Province).

Individual study-tour program was prepared for each group to better meet partner cities’ needs. Each program included topical meetings with experts and visiting a number of governmental bodies and non-commercial organizations.


In particular, group from Kryvyi Rih comprised of Tetyana Pidpalko, representative of City Council's Executive Committee and Andriy Nahornyi, Director of the City Development Institute visited advertising agency McKim Cringan George, which was developing Regina's marketing campaign, municipal institution TOURISM Saskatchewan, Brandt enterprise, Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), Regina's Industrial Park and had a number of meetings in Mayors' Offices in Regina, Moose Jaw and Weyburn. During the study tour participants learned the experience of development and implementation of place branding, including key marketing steps and tools, which should provide qualitative support in promoting Kryvyi Rih brand created as part of demonstration project “Marketing Strategy for the City of Kryvyi Rih and Instruments for its Implamantation.


“Demonstration project “The City of World Brands: Development of Marketing and Investment Strategy of Dnipropetrovsk” is being implemented in Dnipropetrovsk with support of MLED Project. City's representatives, Natalia Chernyshova, Head of International Relations and Investment Projects Department, Dnipropetrovsk City Council and her Deputy Valentyna Zatyshnyak had their internship in London, where they learned about organization of marketing campaigns implementation aimed at foreign investments attraction, learned about city's promotion campaign “Canada’s London” and activities of business association “London Downtown”. Next stage of the internship was visiting of London Arts Council and “London Heritage Council”, where they learned about the examples of how historical and cultural heritage can be used for attraction of tourists and investments. On the example of London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), Fanshawe  College and Western University  participants learned about the programs and campaigns attracting inflow of international students.


In Edmonton experts from Lviv City Institute - Oleksandr Kobzarev, Maksym Lysak and representative of Lviv City Council, Inna Svystun had an opportunity to learn about the practices of effective support and development of local business, starting up and development of business incubators' activities. This group visited a number of enterprises where they learned about the structure, foundation history, range of activities, list and specification of provided services, funding sources, challenges met and their success stories. Among them were: Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), best training incubator TEC Edmonton, Northern Alberta Business Incubator (NABI)  and Startup Edmonton  – an institution helping future entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into real income generating companies. Obtained experience should find its application in implementation of second stage of demonstration project, being developed now.

The study tour was concluded at the final seminar in Ottawa, where the groups were sharing what they'd seen, their impressions and knowledge received. You are welcome to learn about, at final presentations of the groups:

 Presentation of Dnipropetrovsk
 Presentation of Lviv
 Presentation of Kryvyi Rih

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