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Investment projects: is it realistic to attract investors?

Investment_training_nikopol-pershotravesk-sep2013_3This was the question posed before directors of small and medium-sized businesses of Ternivka, Pershotravensk and Nikopol at the series of training-workshops ‘Investment Projects Design. Government Support and Stimulation’ run in Pershotravensk and Nikopol in September 2013.

The partnership among Ternivka, Pershotravensk, Nikopol and the MLED Project made it possible for the communities not only to design the Economic Development Strategies, but also successfully get them under way. The initiatives that knit together all the abovementioned stakeholders are aimed at supporting the SME development through setting up the Agencies for Regional Development and the so-called Business Centres. With the assistance of the MLED Project, the cities obtained funding for the demonstration projects that serve as the framework for the development of said agencies. These institutions render a diversity of services, but it is training and information services that enjoy the highest demand among entrepreneurs. Business Centres’ staff had been identifying the needs of local businesses and therefore it was no accident that the investment theme was chosen for the seminars. The results of the questionnaire survey, in which entrepreneurs had participated before the seminars, showed their willingness to learn about designing investment projects and possible sources of their financing.

Yana Romashkina, a professional project management trainer, moderated the training seminars, while Natalia Boiko, MLED Project’s adviser, delivered the practical training.

Investment_training_nikopol-pershotravesk-sep2013_2During the theoretical block of training participants learned ways to design an investment project, looked into what its structure should be and which of its elements are essential. There was a particularly spirited discussion of the legal framework for designing an investment project, as the project’s preparation and registration requires serious analytical work and expert appraisal. With a good business idea and a well-designed project one may obtain certain incentives from the government, as well as partial or even full state funding or hands-on financing. Mrs Romashkina provided detailed advice to the participants on how to draw up a business plan, what documents to collect and which authorities to contact about these matters. Second block of training was dedicated to practice. Every participant was involved in calculations using formulas required to establish the project's budget efficiency and prepare a financial plan. Information about calculating indicators of social performance, ecological and economic efficiency was presented in a separate block. Participants obtained a wide range of information including specific examples on how to draw up an investment project.

Investment_training_nikopol-pershotravesk-sep2013_1It is interesting to note that in Pershotravenck the majority of the training participants were female company directors, what created a positive atmosphere during the seminars. There were also interesting business ideas, such as designing an investment project for a tailoring mini-factory as a possible means to tackle female unemployment in this mining town.

Participants in Nikopol were mostly men aged between 25 and 35 years old who had a bundle of creative and innovative business ideas for metallurgy, metalworking and IT technologies.

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