MAIN   INFO-CENTER   News ArchiveOn September 26 Canadian experts took part in the celebration of the World Tourism Day at the Lviv Oblast State Administration

On September 26 Canadian experts took part in the celebration of the World Tourism Day at the Lviv Oblast State Administration


On September 26, 2013 Canadian experts took part in the celebration of the World Tourism Day at the Lviv Oblast State Administration.

Marina James, President and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Kerri King, Tourism Manager at the Planning and Economic Development Department, Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, invited by the MLED Project, told Ukrainian colleagues about their achievements in the tourism business and shared their experiences of successful implementation of tourism activities in Canada.

In his address at the opening of the event, Lev Zakharchyshyn, acting Director of Lviv International Cooperation and Tourism Department, emphasised that by generating employment opportunities tourism can build the economy, but it is we who must provide for its development. He continued that Lviv Oblast accounts for one third of Ukraine’s sightseeing attractions.


Kerri King described what she had managed to do for her city over a short period of time. Durham is the region that is developing cycling tourism. The efforts of Kerri and her team resulted in the Region's tourist maps and trail guide.


In her speech, Marina James noted that, “In Winnipeg, once a year we present our performance in the tourism sector, demonstrating monitoring results, action plan implementation progress and an extended database of tourist services. We have united all parties dealing with the sales of tourism products. Here in Winnipeg we have set up a recreation and leisure facility and the Museum for Human Rights. What we will tackle next is the tourism infrastructure. It is important to develop the travel and tourism business and put faith in its future, as it can bring significant economic benefits to the city.”


Following the experts’ presentation, there was a ceremony awarding Acknowledgements and Certificates of Appreciation for the dedicated work on developing Lviv region's tourism potential. Many entrepreneurs, scientific employees, teams and companies operating in the tourism sector were awarded for their activities.

In addition, Vasyl Bakhmatskyi, First Deputy Head of Lviv Oblast State Administration, and Valeriy Piatak, Head of Lviv Oblast Council, greeted the participants on the World Tourism Day.

“Tourism is the industry that requires substantial investments to develop. However, if the industry’s potential and opportunities are used effectively, we can obtain good results”, said Mr Bakhmatskyi. He continued, “It should be noted that it is Lviv region’s priority to develop and popularise tourism. It’s safe to say that we have attractions to show and places to see, but there still much to be done.”

Valeriy Piatak added, “It is fashionable to be a tourist, and the cities that came to grips with this product are flourishing. We are confident that restaurateurs, museum workers, interpreters are those who build tourism today.   We will continue supporting the tourism programmes to not only make our region well-known, but also to promote it as a popular tourist destination.”


MLED Project expends effort so that Mykolaiv, Zhydachiv, Novyi Rozdil as well as Mykolaiv and Zhydachiv Rayons of Lviv Oblast, which together form the Rozdillya cluster, have the opportunity to unveil their tourism potential to the public at large. To that effect the Project renders maximum support to the cluster’s initiatives, such as hosting festivals (Veseli Kopachi, Rozdilski Kashtany, etc.) and creating tourist information and orientation system, namely putting respective signs in the streets and tourist attractions and providing external lighting for historic buildings. In parallel, the Project develops the necessary support infrastructure for tourism, training all the wishing entrepreneurs to organise rural guesthouses and enjoy profit from green tourism. Rozdillya is soon to issue a tourist calendar for 2014, highlighting the most interesting events worth visiting. In addition, work in underway to create a series of unique tourist maps of the sub-region showing interesting thematic routes.

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