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Drogobych attracted additional funds from oblast budget for the industrial park

At the beginning of January the meeting with participation of the representatives from oblast’s cities and raions receiving funding for projects implementation from additional sources took place in Lviv Oblast Council. At this meeting the possibility of projects co-funding from oblast budget was discussed.

At the meeting the agreement was reached that the funds in the amount of 90 thousand UAH will be allocated from oblast budget for co-funding of the demonstration project “Establishment of an Industrial Park in the Area Adjacent to the Belt Road on S. Nalyvaiko Street”, aimed at revival of Drogobych as regional industrial center with innovative businesses.

Drogobych City Council with MLED support implements demonstration project since April 2013. First stage of the project covers development of design and budget for completion of the road construction on S. Nalyvaiko str, carrying out of inventory of free land plots located in the area adjacent to this street and preparing of the land use plan for allocation of the land plot for industrial park. Inventory of the land plots at the territory of the city will become an impetus for establishment of the industrial park which will provide an opportunity for local authorities to manage economic development and attract work force more efficiently.

“We plan to complete the implementation of this project approximately in May” as informed in Drogobych City Council. – Thus in May we will receive design and budget for the belt road on Nalyvaiko str. and technical documentation for the land adjacent to this road. And next stage – together with MLED Project we will start searching for investors for industrial park project implementation. We have great hopes for that, as in Lviv oblast there are very few such projects. And we, one can say, have become a pilot project in Lviv oblast.”

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