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Presentation of the Strategy for SW Management in ‘Western Donbas’ subregion

Western_Donbas_march2014_1On March 24, presentation of the Strategy for Solid Waste Management in ‘Western Donbas" subregion took place in Pavlograd. It was developed as part of demoproject "Creating a Comprehensive System for the Efficient Solid Waste Management (SWM) in the Western Donbas subregion" implementation, supported by MLED Project and DTEK Company.

This Strategy suggests the approach according to which the sphere of waste management should be developed in cities Pavlograd, Pershotravensk, Ternivka and Pavlograd and Petropavlivsk raions during upcoming 25 years. It is aimed at the collection of the wastes from all citizens and legal entities, management of waste in a way that protects human health and environment, recovery of resources from waste, where feasible. The Strategy suggests the technologies for separate waste collection, processing and disposal; closing of the existing dump sites; calculation of affordability, costs and tariffs etc.  It contains analytical report on the state of existing waste management system (Passport of the waste management system), technical options for SWM, and also financial framework for SWM in the subregion.

Western_Donbas_march2014_2Presentation of the Strategy was chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Pavlograd, Manager of the demoproject Volodymyr Tyhonov, MLED LED Specialist Igor Lepyoshkin, and Oksana Aliyeva, Environment Consultant. Around 90 people took part in the event, among which there were representatives of the abovementioned cities and raions, village councils, MLED experts, LLC "DTEK", public, representatives of municipal enterprises, Dnipropetrovsk investments agency and mass media. Deputy Head of oblast council responsible for the executive branch, Head of the strategic planning and investment policy department Volodymyr Peregudov took part in the discussion; in particular he stressed on important role of the project in the development of the oblast as a whole.

Western_Donbas_march2014_3It is the first project of this type that is being implemented in Ukraine. Best international and national experts in SWM were involved in project implementation. The weighs were purchased, wastes morphological analysis conducted and relevant documentation prepared.

Thus, the development of waste management system in "Western Donbass" subregion is not limited only to the development of the Strategy. Success of the project depends on the way the Strategy is going to be implemented. Among the priority steps for solving SW management problem it is planned to provide for the waste collection in the raions of the subregion, to create intercommunity municipal enterprise which will be managing regional infrastructure recommended in the Strategy, and also to search for funding sources for the construction of the new landfill for waste dumping and other waste processing objects that are being formed at the territory of the subregion.

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