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On August 19–21, the Agency for Economic and Social Development of Ternivka organized a study visit to Lviv. The main goal of the visit was to adopt the experience of Lviv NGO ‘Narodna dopomoha’, regarding establishment of a social enterprise as an alternative source to support the organization. The representatives of the city council and the Ternivka community took part in the trip... Read more >>>
We would like to let you know about another successfully implemented demonstration project – 'Development and Implementation of a Marketing Strategy to Attract Investments and Create a Brand of the City of Pavlograd'. Under this initiative, the city has created its own brand, developed a brand book, as well as produced an investor’s road map, an investment site and a marketing strategy. These results will help the city of Pavlograd to create a positive image of the city, increase competitiveness and improve investment attractiveness... Read more >>>
A wonderful video showcasing Dnipropetrovsk's history, geographical location, industrial potential, space industry achievements, cultural attractions and so much more, was created within the framework of a demonstration project 'The City of World Brands: Development of Marketing and Investment Strategy of Dnipropetrovsk'. No viewer will be left indifferent after they watch the video and many will want to visit Dnipropetrovsk: new every day... Read more >>>
On July 29 Kryvyi Rih City Council has adopted a marketing strategy, which was developed within a demonstration project... Read more >>>
Over 300 users from approximately 140 cities of Ukraine and 4512 active entries were recorded during ASMS operation since March 2013... Read more >>>
The results of the LED training program, implemented by the MLED Project in May - July of this year were presented at this meeting... Read more >>>
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