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Among the event participants were city and town mayors, members of Lugansk Regional Branch of AUC, Regional Council of Entrepreneurs, business associations. Achievements and LED project implementation results of Luganks oblast communities were presented during the Forum by city officials and other community representatives... Read more >>>
Environmental audit and a comprehensive environmental assessment of Nikopol was conducted from September 2013 to February 2014 by Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Environment (Kharkiv) within the framework of the demonstration project ‘Development of a Comprehensive Municipal Program for Environmental Safety and Rehabilitation of Nikopol for 2014-17, its information support and promotion’... Read more >>>
At the end of last year Lviv City Council appropriated the premises for the business incubator on a cost-free basis, whereas the necessary repairs and equipment were funded by the MLED Project. Business incubator is now fully equipped, comfortable, and ready to accommodate several startup teams... Read more >>>
January 28-30, 2014... Read more >>>
... Read more >>>
It is planned that consultancy offices of Novyi Rozdil’s Agency will provide services in Mykolaiv and Zhydachiv. Investment proposals of the three cities will be placed on one website. Thus the Agency will facilitate local economic development and implement the Strategic Economic Development Plan of Rozdillya subregion... Read more >>>
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