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On November 28-29, 2013 an all-Ukrainian forum ‘City Development Institutions’ took place in Kryvyi Rih. For the first time the representatives of city development institutions from all over Ukraine gathered in one room. The Forum became a good platform for practical experience exchange, effective efforts coordination, choosing joint strategy for local development institution' activities... Read more >>>
When three cities in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast needed to develop a system for dealing with solid household wastes, the MLED Project helped them to persuade Ukraine’s biggest fuel and energy company, DTEK, to step in... Read more >>>
On November 18-22, within the framework of demoproject ‘Creating a Comprehensive System for Efficient Solid Waste Management in Western Donbas Subregion’ the second experts’ mission took place. Doug Hickman, Canadian expert on environmental protection, Sonya Yankova and Borislav Mourdzhev Bulgarian experts in the area of solid waste management, Ukrainian MLED consultants took part... Read more >>>
The Section meeting included the round table 'Governmental Stimulation of Economic Development of the Territorial Communities'... Read more >>>
At the round table on November 18 the MLED Project presented two new products: draft Guide on Local Economic Development for Ukrainian LED Specialists and the Guide on international practices of LED titled ‘Building Community Prosperity through Local Economic Development’... Read more >>>
Almost every Ukrainian city is facing the same challenges today: poor road quality, chaotic construction, lack of understanding about what needs to be done and, on the contrary, what needs to be prohibited. The city is developing far from its possible best even if the city has an approved master plan. We have reviewed best practices of projects implemented in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the USA, and decided to make a list of 50 ideas, which can be used by any Ukrainian city... Read more >>>
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